Publications 2012

1. Akool ES, Gauer S, Osman B, Doller A, Schulz S, Geiger H, Pfeilschifter J, and Eberhardt W. Cyclosporin A and tacrolimus induce renal ERK1/2 pathway via ROS-induced and metalloproteinase-dependent EGF-receptor signaling. Biochem. Pharmacol. Biochem Pharmacol, 83(2):286-95, 2012

2. Bauer K, Dürrwald R, Schlegel M, Pfarr K, Topf D, Wiesener N, Dahse HM, Wutzler P, and Schmidtke M. Neuraminidase inhibitor susceptibility of swine influenza A viruses isolated in Germany between 1981 and 2008. Med Microbiol Immunol, 201(1): 61-72, 2012.

3. Koch A, Völzke A, Wünsche C, Meyer zu Heringdorf D, Huwiler A, and Pfeilschifter J. Thiazolidinedione dependent activation of sphingosine kinase 1 causes an anti-fibrotic effect in renal mesangial cells. Br J Pharmacol 166(3):1018-1032, 2012

4. Rudloff I, Bachmann M, Pfeilschifter J, and Mühl H. Mechanisms of rapid induction of Interleukin-22 in activated T-cells and its modulation by Cyclosporin A. J Biol Chem, 287(7): 4531-43, 2012

5. Neill T, Painter H, Buraschi S, Owens RT, Lisanti MP, Schaefer L, and Iozzo RV. Decorin antagonizes the angiogenic network: concurrent inhibition of Met, HIF-1α and VEGFA and induction of thrombospondin-1 and TIMP3. J Biol Chem 287(8): 5492-506, 2012

6. Seitz O, Schürmann C, Pfeilschifter J, Frank S, and Sader R. Identification of the Fra-1 transcription factor in healing skin flaps transplants: A potential role as a negative regulator of VEGF release from keratinocytes. J Craniomaxillofac Surg 40(4):379-386, 2012

7. Eberhardt W, Doller A, and Pfeilschifter J. Regulation of the mRNA-binding protein HuR by posttranslational modification: spotlight on phosphorylation. Curr Protein Pept Sci, 13(4): 380-390, 2012

8. Schaefer L, Iozzo RV: Small leucine-rich proteoglycans, at the crossroad of cancer growth and inflammation. Curr Opin Genet Dev 22(1): 56-57, 2012

9. Tzieply N, Kuhn AM, Morbitzer D, Namgaladze D, Heeg A, Schaefer L, von Knethen A, Jensen LE, and Brüne B. OxLDL inhibits LPS-induced IFNg expression by Pellino3- and IRAK1/4-dependent modification of TANK. Cell Signal 24(6): 1141-49, 2012

10. Schürmann C, Linke A, Engelmann-Pilger K, Steinmetz C, Mark M, Pfeilschifter J, Klein T, and Frank S. The Dipeptidyl Peptidase-4 Inhibitor Linagliptin Attenuates Inflammation and Accelerates Epithelialization in Wounds of Diabetic ob/ob Mice. J Pharmacol Exp Ther 342(1):71-80, 2012

11. Hassan MI, Boosen M, Schaefer L, Kozlowska J, Eisel F, von Knethen A, Beck M, Hemeida RA, El-Moselhy MA, Hamada FM, Beck KF, and Pfeilschifter J. Platelet-derived growth factor-BB induces cystathionine γ-lyase expression in rat mesangial cells via a redox-dependent mechanism. Br J Pharmacol, 166(8): 2231-2242, 2012

12. Pfeilschifter W, Bohmann F, Baumgarten P, Mittelbronn M, Pfeilschifter J, Lindhoff-Last E, Steinmetz H, Foerch C. Thrombolysis with recombinant tissue plasminogen activator under dabigatran anticoagulation in experimental stroke. Ann Neurol, 71(5): 624-33, 2012

13. Allam R, Scherbaum CR, Darisipudi MN, Mulay SR,  Hägele H, Lichtnekert J, Hagemann JH, Rupanagudi KV, Ryu M, Schwarzenberger C, Hohenstein B, Hugo C, Uhl B, Reichel CA, Krombach F, Monestier M, Moreth K, Schaefer L, and Anders HJ. Histones from dying renal cells aggravate acute kidney injury via TLR-2 and -4. J Am Soc Nephrol 23: 1375-1388, 2012

14. Wittmann M, Doble R, Bachmann M, Pfeilschifter J, Werfel T, and Mühl H. IL-27 regulates IL-18 Binding Protein in skin resident cells. PLoS One, 7(6): e38751, 2012

15. Moreth K, Iozzo RV, Schaefer L. Small leucine-rich proteoglycans orchestrate receptor crosstalk during inflammation. Cell Cycle II: 2084-91, 2012

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18. Babelova A, Avaniadi D, Jung O, Fork C, Beckmann J, Kosowski J, Weissmann N, Anilkumar N, Shah AM, Schaefer L, Schröder K, Brandes RP Role of Nox4 in murine models of kidney disease. Free Radic Biol Med 53: 842-853, 2012

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21. Ihlefeld K, Claas RF, Koch A, Pfeilschifter JM, Meyer Zu Heringdorf D. Evidence for a link between histone deacetylation and Ca2+ homoeostasis in sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase-deficient fibroblasts. Biochem J, 447(3): 457-464, 2012

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25. Buraschi S, Neill T, Owens RT, Iniguez LA, Purkins G, Vadigepalli R, Evans B, Schaefer L, Peiper SC, Wang Z, and Iozzo RV. Decorin protein core affects the global gene expression profile of the tumor microenvironment in a triple-negative orthotopic breast carcinoma xenograft model. PLoS One 7(9): e45559, 2012; doi: 10.1371s

26. Bachmann M, Scheiermann P, Härdle L, Pfeilschifter J, and Mühl H. IL36γ/IL1F9 - an innate T-bet target in myeloid cells. J Biol Chem., 287(50): 41684-96, 2012

27. Zechner PM, Seibel A, Aichinger G, Steigerwald M, Dorr K, Scheiermann P, Schellhaas S, Cuca C, and Breitkreutz R. Lung ultrasound in acute and critical care medicine. Anaesthesist. 2012 Jul;61(7):608-17. German.

28. Imre G, Heering J, Takeda AN, Husmann M, Thiede B, zu Heringdorf DM, Green DR, van der Goot FG, Sinha B, Dötsch V, Rajalingam K. Caspase-2 is an initiator caspase responsible for pore-forming toxin-mediated apoptosis. EMBO J, 31(11): 2615-2628, 2012

29. Japtok L, Schaper K, Bäumer W, Radeke HH, Jeong SK, and Kleuser B. Sphingosine1-Phosphate Modulates Antigen Capture by Murine Langerhans Cells via the S1P(2) Receptor Subtype. PLoS One, 7(11): e49427, 2012; doi:10.1371

30. Ferreirós N, Labocha S, Schröder M, Radeke HH, and Geisslinger G. LC-MS/MS
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31. Reuter KC, Grunwitz CR, Kaminski BM, Steinhilber D, Radeke HH, and Stein J. Selective glucocorticoid receptor agonists for the treatment of inflammatory bowel disease: studies in mice with acute trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid colitis. J Pharmacol Exp Ther, 341(1): 68-80, 2012



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