Publications 2010

1. Claas RF, ter Braak M, Hegen B, Hardel V, Angioni C, Schmidt H, Jakobs KH, Van Veldhoven PP, and Meyer zu Heringdorf D. Enhanced Ca2+ storage in sphingosine-1-phosphate lyase-deficient fibroblasts. Cell Signal , 22(3): 476-483, 2010

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4. Wang S, Schmaderer C, Kiss E, Schmidt C, Bonrouhi M, Porubsky S, Gretz N, Schaefer L, Kirschning CJ, Popovic ZV, and Gröne HJ. Recipient Toll-like receptors contribute to chronic graft dysfunction by both MyD88 and TRIF depending signaling. Dis Model Mech, 3(1-2): 92-103, 2010

5. Lee SB, Schramme A, Doberstein K, Dummer R, Abdel-Bakky MS, Keller S, Altevogt P, Oh ST, Reichrath J, Oxmann D, Pfeilschifter J, Mihic-Probst D, and Gutwein P. ADAM10 is upregulated in melanoma metastasis compared to primary melanoma. J Invest Dermatol, 130(3): 763-773, 2010

6. Linke A, Goren I, Bösl MR, Pfeilschifter J, and Frank S. The suppressor of cytokine signaling (SOCS)-3 determines keratinocyte proliferative and migratory potential during skin repair. J Invest Dermatol, 130(3): 876-885, 2010

7. Linke A, Goren I, Bösl MR, Pfeilschifter J, and Frank S. Epithelial overexpression of SOCS-3 in transgenic mice exacerbates wound inflammation in the presence of elevated TGF-beta1. J Invest Dermatol, 130(3): 866-875, 2010

8. Christen U, Hintermann E, Holdener M, and von Herrath MG. Viral triggers for autoimmunity: Is the "glass of molecular mimicry" half full or half empty? J Autoimmun, 34(1): 38-44, 2010

9. Kern M, Eisel F, Scheithauer J, Kranz RG, and Simon J. Substrate specifity of three cytochrome c haemlyase isoenzymes from Woliella succinogenes:unconventional haem C binding motifs are not sufficient for haem C attachment by NrfI and CcsA1. Mol Microbiol, 75(1): 122-137, 2010

10. Koenig M, Huenecke S, Salzmann-Manrique E, Esser R, Quaritsch R, Steinhilber D, Radeke HH, Martin H, Bader P, Klingebiel T, Schwabe D, Schneider G, Lehrnbecher T, Orth A, Koehl U. Multivariate analyses of immune reconstitution in children after allo-SCT: risk-estimationbased on age-matched leukocyte sub-population. Bone Marrow Transplant, 45(4): 613-621, 2010

11. Ludwig RJ, Bergmann P, von Stebut E; Radeke HH, Gille J, Henschler R, Kaufmann R, Pfeilschifter JM, and
Boehncke WH.
Platelet, non endothelial P-selectin expression contributes to generation of immunity in cutaneous contact hypersensitivity. Am J Pathol, 176(3): 1339-1345, 2010

12. Gutwein P, Schramme A, Abdel-Bakky MS, Doberstein K, Hauser IA, Ludwig A, Altevogt P, Gauer S, Hillmann A, Weide T, Jespersen C, Eberhardt W , Pfeilschifter J. ADAM10 is expressed in human podocytes and found in urinary vesicles of patients with glomerular kidney diseases. Journal of Biomedical Science, 17: 3, 2010

13. Schaefer L. Extracellular matrix molecules: endogenous danger signals as a new drug targets in kidney diseases.
Curr Opin Pharmacol, 10(2): 185-190, 2010

14. Nold-Petry CA, Lehrnbecher T, Jarisch A, Schwabe D, Pfeilschifter JM, Mühl H, and Nold MF. Failure of Interferon-gamma to induce the anti-inflammatory Interleukin-18 Binding Protein in familial hemophagocytosis.
Plos One, 5(1):e8663, 2010.

15. Taneja D, Thompson J, Wilson P, Brandewie K, Schaefer L, Mitchell B, Tannock LR. Reversibility of renal injury with cholesterol lowering in hyperlipidemic diabetic mice. J Lipid Res, 51: 1464-1470, 2010

16. Bingold TM, Ziesche E, Scheller B, Sadik CD, Franck K, Just L, Sartorius S, Wahrmann M, Wissing H, Zwissler B, Pfeilschifter J, and Mühl H. Interleukin-22 detected in patients with abdominal sepsis. Shock, 34(4): 337-340, 2010

17. Kiss E, Popovic ZV, Bedke J, Adams J, Bonrouhi M, Babelova A, Schmidt C, Edenhofer F, Zschiedrich I, Domhan S, Abdollahi A, Schaefer L, Gretz N, Porubsky S, Gröne HJ. Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor (PPAR){gamma} Can Inhibit Chronic Renal Allograft Damage. Am J Pathol, 176: 2150-2162, 2010

18. Schwalm S, Pfeilschifter J, and Andrea Huwiler. Sphingosine kinase 1 is critically involved in nitric oxide-mediated human endothelial cell migration and tube formation. Brit J Pharmacol, 160(7): 1641-1651; 2010

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21. Puneet P, Yap CT, Wong L, Yulin L, Koh DR, Moochhala S, Pfeilschifter J, Huwiler A, and Melendez AJ. SphK1 regulates proinflammatory responses associated with endotoxin and polymicrobial sepsis. Science, 328 (5983), 1290-1294, 2010

22. Iozzo RV and Schaefer L.
Proteoglycan roles in health and disease: Novel regulatory signaling mechanisms evoked by the small leucine-rich-proteoglycans. FEBS J, 277: 3864-3875, 2010

23. Bachmann M, Horn K, Rudloff I, Goren I, Holdener M, Christen U, Darsow N, Hunfeld KP, Koehl U, Kind P, Pfeilschifter J, Kraiczy P, and Mühl H. Early production of IL-22 but not IL-17 by peripheral blood mononuclear cells exposed to live Borrelia burgdorferi: the role of monocytes and IL-1.PLoS Pathogens, 14;6(10):e1001144, 2010

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27. Jung O, Jansen F, Mieth A, Barbosa-Sicard E, Pliquett RU, Babelova A, Morisseau C, Hwang SH, Tsai C, Hammock BD, Schaefer L, Geisslinger G, Amann K, and Brandes RP. Inhibition of the soluble epoxide hydrolase promotes albuminuria in mice with progressive renal disease. PLoS One, 5(8): oii: e11979, 2010

28. Sender LY, Gibbert K, Suezer Y, Radeke HH, Kalinke U, and Waibler Z. CD40 ligand-triggered human dendritic cells mount interleukin-23 responses that are further enhanced by danger signals. Mol Immunol, 47(6): 1255-1261, 2010

29. Ren S, Xin C, Pfeilschifter J, and Huwiler A. A novel mode of action of the putative sphingosine kinase inhibitor 2-(p-hydroxyanilino)-4-(p-chlorophenyl) thiazole (SKI II): induction of lysosomal sphingosine kinase 1 degradation. Cell Physiol Biochem, 26(1): 97-104, 2010

30. Förster A, Emmler T, Schwalm S, Ebadi M, Meyer zu Heringdorf D, Nieuwenhuis B, Kleuser B, Huwiler A, and Pfeilschifter J. Glucocorticoids protect renal mesangial cells from apoptosis by increasing cellular sphingosine-1-phosphate. Kidney Int, 77(10): 870-879, 2010

31. Ungerer C, Doberstein K, Bürger C, Hardt K, Boehncke WH, Böhm B, Pfeilschifter J, Dummer R, Mihic-Probst D, and Gutwein P. ADAM15 expression is downregulated in melanoma metastasis compared to primary melanoma. Biochem Biophys Res Comm, 401(3): 363-369, 2010

32. Hintermann E, Bayer M, Pfeilschifter JM, Luster AD, and Christen U. CXCL10 promotes liver fibrosis by prevention of NK cell mediated hepatic stellate cell inactivation. J Autoimmun, 35(4): 424-435, 2010

33. Moreth K, Brodbeck R, Babelova A, Gretz N, Spieker T, Zeng-Brouwers J, Pfeilschifter J, Young M, Schaefer RM, Schaefer L. The proteoglycan biglycan regulates expression of the B cell chemoattractant CXCL13 and aggravates murine lupus nephrithis. J Clin Invest, 120: doi:10.1172/JCI42213, 120(12): 4251-72, 2010

34. Dinarello C, Arend W, Sims J, Smith D, Blumberg H, O'Neill L, Goldbach-Mansky R, Pizarro T, Hoffman H, Bufler P, Nold M, Ghezzi P, Mantovani A, Garlanda C, Boraschi D, Rubartelli A, Netea M, van der Meer J, Joosten L, Mandrup-Poulsen T, Donath M, Lewis E, Pfeilschifter J, Martin M, Kracht M, Muehl H, Novick D, Lukic M, Conti B, Solinger A, Peyman K, van de Veerdonk F, Gabel C. IL-1 family nomenclature. Nat Immunol. , 11(11):973, 2010

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