Publications 2007

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4. Bachmann M, Dragoi C, Poleganov MA, Pfeilschifter J, Mühl H. Interleukin-18 directly activates T-bet expression and function via p38-MAP kinase and NFkappaB in AML-derived Pre-dendritic KG-1 cells. Mol Cancer Ther, 6(2): 723-731, 2007

5. Daniel C, Sartory NA, Zahn N, Geisslinger G, Radeke HH, and Stein J. FTY720 ameriolates Th1-mediated colitis in mice by directly affecting the functional activity od CD4+CD25+ regulatory T-cells. J Immunol, 178(4): 2458-2468, 2007

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52. Huwiler A and Zamgemeister-Wittke U. Targeting the conversion of ceramide to sphingosine 1-phosphate as a novel strategy for cancer therapy. Crit Rev Oncol Hemat, 63(2): 150-159, 2007


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